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Every Lawyer Needs SEO to be Found for FREE in Communities Surrounding His or Her Office

Paid Ads work, but Organically-Found Websites Pick Up New Clients for Free

Image of Excited businessman shouting of joy and gesturing with raised clenched fistsIs there Any Value to working on Website’s SEO? You betcha! My definition of SEO is more broad than most. I suppose I use the term SEO as a total program of “Web Leveraging” which includes the structure of individual web pages (content), meaningful page titles, meaningful English-like permalinks that support the page title, competent page content, page sub titles, on-page H-tags, paragraphs and sentences that support the page title and re-enforce and expound upon the page title, the meta description and so on.

SEO – How Important is a Website’s Organic Ranking?

Feast or Famine! Literally. Seriously. Most of my clients are law firms. Most of my law firm clients have more than one website. Each website is researched, designed and built for a specific niche and —frankly— engineered for a specific set of keyword strings. If we are able to get a particular website “found” by potential clients needing that SPECIFIC legal niche service, we are golden! A law practice may get a retainer for a particular legal service that could average from $3,000 to $7,000 for some regular legal dilemma that might require a single court appearance. In criminal law, where a client’s very freedom is at stake, starting legal fees can be $20,000 to as much as 100,000 if facing charges that could see a client in state prison for years.

A Single Website can generate a Million Dollars a Year for a Solo Practitioner Law Practice

If you are a new lawyer, or a non-lawyer, you might be shocked to learn that a niche market legal website can generate as much as $1.2 million dollars per year in legal fees. That’s $100,000 each month! So do you think it matters if the website is found in the first 10 positions for a specific search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or AOL? You betcha!

Whew! Three whole paragraphs… — Time for a Lawyer Joke?

** Things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down by court reporters:
ATTORNEY: She had three children , right?
ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I think I need a different attorney. Can I get a new attorney?

Below is a VISITOR Chart for a new Website I am Promoting via Organic, On-Page SEO & Content

If you are new to websites, you might think “big whoop!” Stop… I need to share some facts before going forward. This is NOT a national website offering iPhone 6 accessories. This is a website for a small law practice that caters to potential clients in a 20-30 mile radius. Law is boring to most. People don’t search for lawyers for chuckles, entertainment or casual web surfing. People ONLY search for a lawyer when they are in trouble or have a pressing legal matter. Lawyer websites are LOCAL – not national: there is a very finite, limited pool of potential website visitors. Most lawyer websites get an average of 10-15 visits each day after years of passively hanging out on the web. THIS website is BRAND NEW as of 04-01-14 and we reached 10 visitors per day when most new sites are not even fully “indexed” by search engines for the first month or two. Elbow grease.

Image of Monthly Website Visitors

After 5 months – this website, that would get 10 visits per day if left to sit passively alone, received, on average 100 visits per day for a very local, very niche-focused site. “Working” a website’s on-page SEO and content on a daily basis can and DOES get results. It’s not cheap. But it is not expensive either when you measure the cash flow that will come into a professional’s office or a business.

What is “not cheap”? For example… My most expensive SEO service at $1,300 a month works out to $43 per day. I had a local attorney in Orange, CA who has his practice located in a cute older Historic Bungalow, share with me that the non-English speaking laborer who he hired 2 years ago to water the plants, sweep the entrance and sidewalk around his small building, empty the trash and clean the glass entry door each day (never exceeding 3 hours/day) is $60 per day and has never brought him a new legal client – let alone $100,000/month in new cash flow. Plus he reminded me when he said I was a bargain, there are no payroll taxes, no potential workers comp claims, no $7,500 for health Insurance or IRS ObamaCare Fines to pay, no office space to carve out; no desk, credenza, chair, phone or $20,000 computer system to underwrite, no need to purchase a minimum of six big screens for an effective in-house web marketing guru to have an effective war room…

Non-Law Professionals and Businesses and the Value of a Single NEW Client

So you’re not an attorney or cannot make the analogy for the value of an easily-found website work in your head? Consider some other professionals and businesses that I have actually built websites for:

  1. A marriage counselor that grabs a new client from the Internet gets an hourly fee of say $135.00 for weekly counseling. That’s $7,000 per patient for a year.
  2. A small hair implant center may hook up with a patient for a $10,000 balding head remedy.
  3. A room addition contractor may book a new family room addition that will go for $90,000.
  4. A swimming pool contractor? Pools are now $40,000 for a basic pool; up to $100,000 for a pool with fake boulders and water features.
  5. A Realtor – In Southern California a “starter home” sells for $500,000. A 6% commission is $30,000. Being found for the farm area the Realtor is working is mission critical to a prosperous real estate office.

A professional person or business owner would be Ninja-savvy to make sure that their professional or business website is found when potential customers are looking to hook-up and connect with them!

EXPECTATIONS: What Does Good Organic Ranking Look Like?

Good Organic ranking is when your website can be found in the first 20 slots of Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL or other search engine for a targeted keyword search string that you are gunning for. That means PAGE ONE is target; Page Two is acceptable in competitive marketplaces.

Example of a site I am currently working SEO…

Broward County FloridaFirst let’s look at a client we built a website for in early 2014, but are yet to assist with their SEO. The design and positioning of the new website is to target the county level, but without being “worked” will take considerably longer to reach its goal. The law practice is located in the city of Plantation, FL a city next to Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 1 of 31 cities that comprise Broward County. Plantation has a typical-sized population of 90,000 — but “slim pickings” when you consider targeting the entire County of Broward which has 1.8 million residents. What to do? Go for the County!


Need your website to be found by more people?

Every Lawyer Needs SEO efforts & web leveraging applied to their law practice website so their website can be found by new potential legal clients for FREE. Working your SEO and other web leveraging processes actually works – My business is now mostly “web leveraging and SEO” for businesses who live or die by the stream of new clients necessary to make them successful. Give me a call at (888) 900-9078 and let’s talk about your web goals.

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* SOURCE: George R.R. Martin

** from a book called Disorder in the Courts Disorder In The Court!

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