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By: Keith Bennett

What the SEO-for-Lawyers website is about:

Profile pictureWelcome to SEO For Lawyers which I have launched July 1, 2014. My name is Keith Bennett, the founder of LawSites.pro back in 1998. I want to post regular SEO and attorney marketing articles here as resource to help attorneys become more successful and profitable by understanding the primary concepts of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and they had better get on board or have their law practice be pushed aside insignificant because it will be virtually as invisible on the web.

As a prolific legal content author and writer for years, I am comfortable penning easy to read, easy to understand articles outlining the core principles of SEO and companion online skills that a lawyer can use to get more clients, earn more money and attain success with the leverage of the Internet. My articles will include: developing a law practice website strategy, demystifying social media marketing and showing even the most introverted lawyer how he or she can use social media to leverage their web presence; how any attorney can incorporate some simple routines into their law practice which are as important as answering the phone or paying the electric bill.

If you fail to learn how to leverage the web to promote your legal practice, your competitors who do will take away clients and cases that could have been yours.

What the SEO-for-Lawyers website is NOT about:

This is not about the incredible detail that SEO types must learn to be effective for some of our clients fighting it out in Superbowl page rank matches. Likely you are not the #3 New York City PI firm wanting to knock off number 1 and number 2. You don’t need a PhD in SEO to win in a busy metropolitan market or even a whole state.

I want lawyers who own solo law practices and the partner of a larger firm tasked with the marketing chores to be able to grasp the basics without getting down in the weeds as we do here are professionals. There is SO MUCH going on in SEO if you look under the hood that you could be overwhelmed, throw up your hands and say: “Why bother?” Point is, if you can grasp and apply the basics, you will be in a very small group of lawyers who “get it” and rocket past 80% of your competitors who, by and large, throw up a website and think that their work was over. While the masses of lawyers may be unintentionally negligent as to their Internet web presence and missing out on all the clients that the web could bring them, that’s their misfortune. This is your opportunity to leverage the web for your benefit.

My Other Sites:

Screenshot of LawSites.pro Home PageLaw Sites – Since 1998, LawSites.pro has been designing and building legal websites, co-branding social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIN, co-branding and connecting directory sites such as AVVO, creating and posting daily or weekly content, providing monthly, semi-annual or annual SEO services –ALL to facilitate more effective attorney marketing so our lawyer clients can better connect with new clients and cases.

Additionally, LasSites.pro offers professional and affordable AdWords Campaign management service so law firm’s can compete in the paid channels of attorney marketing..

Screenshot of WhyLaughlin.com Home PageWhy Laughlin – Starting in 2013, WhyLaughlin.com was launched as an online resource to share with the world the sleepy Gambling Resort Town of Laughlin, NV. “The Laughlin Strip” is comprised of 9 hotel/casinos, with 10,000 rooms alongside the scenic Colorado River located at the very southern tip of Nevada, where Nevada, California and Arizona come together. This is also called the Tri-State Area that is America’s South West Desert land where the climate, like Palm Springs, attracts Snow Birds in the winter, and gamblers, golfers, boaters, RV-ers, Jet Ski enthusiasts, concert-goers and tourists all year round. Millions flock to Laughlin each year because Laughlin is like the once-friendly “Old Las Vegas” –before it became plastic, commercialized and way too expensive. 

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** from a book called Disorder in the Courts Disorder In The Court!